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T-Shirt Printing Cincinnati

Where Cincinnati Goes for T-Shirt Printing

Getting Custom T-Shirts In Cincinnati, OH Is Easy

Everything from the ordering process right down to our free delivery across the US makes getting custom t-shirts immensely simple. Most of all, our prices are affordable regardless of if you choose screen or digital printing.

Need us to quote you for bulk orders or need some expert advice? Feel free to get in touch with our team today.


For the best t-shirt printing Cincinnati has to offer, Fresh Rags is one of the leading custom apparel printing services in Cincinnati. We’ve been printing custom t-shirts for over a decade and, unlike other competing services, do not have a minimum order requirement. So, you can choose to order as few t-shirts as you want or as many as you need; regardless, you’re taking advantage of our state of the art, screen printing, and digital printing services.
We print custom t-shirts in Cincinnati, Ohio for everyone, even if you need just one t-shirt. Our services are open to individuals, religious groups, businesses, local schools, and universities alike. We also help you save money with our free shipping and handling. In other words, the price you are quoted is what you pay!
At Fresh Rags, we’ve made it perfectly quick and easy for anyone to create custom t-shirts directly on our website. In addition, we run promotions and offer coupons, all of which help you save money.

Have a question or need a quote for an upcoming t-shirt printing project? Feel free to get in touch with us.

Our Cincinnati T-Shirt Printing service has been around for a very long time. However, we’ve invested in the latest equipment and printing techniques to ensure that our clients enjoy the best results whether they need custom printing on regular thin summer t-shirts or spirit wear.
Here are a couple of more reasons to choose our custom t-shirt printing service:


The Best Prices

Custom t-shirt printing can get pretty expensive, especially when you need thousands of them printed. Understanding this, we have positioned our pricing so that it offers customers the best value for money. In other words, as our customer, you get the highest quality, professional printing for a low price.


We use the latest technology – Our Cincinnati T-shirt printing service does not just offer printing, but we make sure that the quality is the best it can be. It is important to understand that for many t-shirt printing projects, the quality matters a great deal, especially if you want people to wear them.

Easy Ordering Process & Quick Turnaround

Whether you want to order a single t-shirt or over a thousand, we’ve made the order process immensely simple. Everything can be done via our website, but you can always reach out to our experts if you need assistance.


Get custom T-shirts in Cincinnati in the shortest time possible when ordering from us. We can assure quick turnarounds because we have a large number of people working for us and the fastest machines in the business. That said if you are in a hurry we suggest that you get in touch with us over the phone.


Have a question about our process or need to find out if we can print a particular design, then our team is just a phone call away. Alternatively, you can fill out our ‘contact form,’ and a member of our team will get in touch with you.


The Difference Between Digital Printing & Screen Printing

Many people who are new to getting custom t-shirt designs printing often don’t know the difference between both technologies. While it is easy to distinguish between embroidery and printing, the choice between screen printing and digital printing can be more challenging. That’s why we often get asked which one is the best. The printing technology you choose mainly depends on what you want. That’s why we’ve gone into a little detail about each below.

IMG_2076 2.jpg

Screen Printing

Screen printing mainly involves creating a stencil, also referred to as a screen. The stencil is then used to apply ink on the surface like a t-shirt. Every individual color is applied via a separate screen, and once at a time which is combined to achieve the final look. That’s why the more colors your design has, the more screens you’ll need and the longer it will take to set up. The ink used for the screen printing process is often thicker compared to what’s used for digital printing, resulting in brighter colors even if the shirts are dark.

In applications where a high degree of vibrance is needed, like specialty products or quantities greater than half a dozen, screen printing is the best, most affordable option. While we don’t have any minimums even for screen printing, the price is usually higher if you just need half a dozen custom t-shirts printed. That’s where digital printing is a better option.

This team is going to be looking good! #freshrags #printlife #screenprinting #ballseason.j

Digital Printing

Compared to screen printing, digital printing hasn’t been around for long but involves the use of computers, and the design is directly printed on the t-shirt. Digital printing does not require transferring the ink since it directly adheres to the fabric. Since the custom t-shirt is digitally printed, it allows for us to print a single shirt. There is no cost involved with creating a stencil and then applying several layers of color.  As a company that allows us to pass on the savings in the form of cheaper low quantity printed apparel.


The other advantage of digital printing is that the resulting designs are much more detailed. Often granular detail in the resulting print like shades and gradients are apparent, which isn't possible with screen printing. It is also possible to print a photo on the t-shirt using digital printing. That said, digital printing is also a good option for lighter color shirts but probably not the best choice for dark color shirts.

Proudly Serving The Greater Cincinnati Area

We are grateful to provide unparalleled service to our customers in many great communities in the Greater Cincinnati area including Batavia, Amelia, Blue Ash, Norwood, Montgomery, Madisonville, Mariemont, Clifton, Madeira, Delhi, Ft. Thomas, Florence, Madisonville, Mason, Erlanger and many others.

Whether you're looking for items for your school, church, company or other organization, we are you full service, one stop shop for all your t-shirt printing and apparel needs.

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